Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For all our out of state friends, let me say this was a monumental event for South Louisiana. December 11, 2008 we got about 2-3 inches of snow from about midnight to 10am in the morning. I had heard it was the most snow in Louisiana in 35 years or more. A couple days later and it was mid 70's again.

Jada, Brandi in front of Brandi's parents house. Unbelievable!
We went with a ski lodge motif with the new house. Didn't figure we'd get to see it covered with snow!

Jada's first snowman! Can't believe we didn't go make a bigger one. Didn't even cross our minds.

Winter Wonderland.
Maybe we should've tied a rope to her in case she got lost in the blizzard.

This is Jada at 6:10. Maw maw came knockin on the bedroom door at 6am to inform us it was snowing. So, we can understand she's not too excited about the snow 1 hour before her normal wake up time. But, she cheered up later after her morning coffee.

Jada's First Movie!!

Thanksgiving Day we decided to take a family outing at the picture show. We wanted to see how Jada would do at her first theater movie. We saw "Bolt" was playing and gave it a go.
The good news: NOBODY is in the theatre on Thanksgiving Day at 11am. NOBODY.
Here's Jada eating popcorn and mesmerized by the giant television. This is how she sat for the first 15 minutes of the movie.

The other hour and twenty minutes she ran around the empty theater with frequent pit stops in her mom and dad's lap. Overall it was a good experience. We'll take her back when she's 8 or 9.