Friday, August 24, 2007

Passion Has No Age Limits

I'm 35 years old and probably the oldest Full Time Elevate student or at least the second oldest. I can honestly say that I DID NOT think for one second I would go to Elevate and be some sort of father figure to these WONDERFUL young men and women I'm serving with. Sure, I have some experience they don't have and if they would allow me, I surely would share what I've learned along the way and encourage them in the things I've messed up in.

What I didn't figure on happening was how much these young men and women inspire me. They inspire me with their passion to serve Jesus at 18 to 25 years old. I'm envious. What would my life had looked like if I'd answered the call at 18 or 20 years old? Why did it take me until 35 years old to figure out my destiny? Well, that answer came to me pretty quick. Me & Brandi's lives has had some ups and downs in the last 15-17 years. I think its very valuable to have experienced some of the things we've experienced so that we can serve and minister to those in similar situations. We can encourage others to make Jesus The Foundation of their lives and marriages far sooner than we have chosen to. So, it'll all work out in the end.

At 35 years old, my legs can't keep up with my mind like they used to. But, running with these young men and women, I'm getting farther than I would if I was running alone. These young men and women are incredible, they inspire me, they encourage me, they lift me up, they make it fun and exciting.

Their Passion is contagious and I realize passion has no age limits. Whether 18 or 35 years old, passion is what drives us to complete our mission and carry out our calling.

Full Timers in Elevate 2007, this will be the best year of our lives!

Monday, August 20, 2007

What a week!!

It was a CRAZY week last week! We FINALLY finished moving out of the house, but now we have a fishing camp full of cardboard boxes and suitcases.

We closed on the house Friday, ending almost 7 years of living in our first house without wheels. It was bittersweet. Our first home, Jada's room and the wonderful paint job with encouraging words in English & Chinese. But, there's ALOT of GREAT things that come out of selling that house.

I started my internship at Healing Place Church. Monday night, we met at Pastor Dino's house with all the other Elevate Students for a kickoff meeting. Then, Thursday and Friday we had orientation. Then, Friday and all day Saturday, we had the Elevate Retreat. 26 Full Time Students and 54 Evening Students. Pretty impressive for a local church's small Bible college. This is the first year Elevate has accredidation.

Jada is doing great. We did have a little accident. She came sit on my leg to ride the horsey. Well, the horsey bucked and Jada fell on her face and her tooth met her bottom lip and the lip gave way. So, she has her cute poutty lips with a fat bottom lip and a big hole in it. From what I've heard, its the first of many.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

So, that's what real physical labor feels like....

We have a purchase agreement on the house and we were scheduled to close Friday Aug. 10th. So, Brandi and I have been packin boxes and making trips to the storage place, False River (our temporary home until we build) and the garbage dump.

Brandi works all day and packs at night up until midnight. I think I'd like that job better than humping boxes in 98F weather. I suggested getting a moving company, but we had to sift through everything and trash stuff, store stuff, or bring it to the camp with us. So, we did it ourselves.

Anyway, I burned 2 days of precious vacation at work Monday and Tuesday to get all the packing done. Then, we find out the buyers want to put off the closing one week later. We have some minor repairs from the punch list to complete and they've been wanting to extend for a while, so we agreed. Now we have 7 more days but only about 8 hours more work to get the house empty. I hate wasting those 2 days of vacation. But, I'm glad to slow down from that hectic pace.

Yes, I'm sore. I've used muscles that a Chemical Plant board man just don't use. Plus, I'm 35 yrs. old now. "The Ole Gray Mare......."

Jada's is doing great! She's such a helper! She'll bring us boxes and LOVES to roll the dolly around. She opens and closes the door for me when I'm loading the trailer so we don't cool the outdoors. She's a trip.

I think I packed our camera up in a box that's at the camp in False River. So, just text for the next week or more.